Manage Program Professionally &
Earn your PgMP Certification!

Attend a 3 day classroom PgMP training in bangalore titled manage program professionally, Gain competence to oversee multiple projects and achieve business goals. By attending this training, you shall gain competence to manage benefits for your organization. By following the preparation blueprint and with the support of our subject matter experts, we assure your preparedness for the PgMP exam. You earn 24 PDUs by attending this course.

Is this course right for you?

Are you finding it difficult

to manage large number of related projects, its project managers and stakeholders in order to manage a program that you are leading?

Are you finding it difficult in

aligning organization strategic directives with program objectives and deliver benefits to the organization and your customers?

Are you able to successfully

manage stakeholder expectations representing people from different domains, expertise, and hierarchy levels within internal/external organizations?

Are you comfortable

in managing program budget?

Are you successful

in managing program risks?

Do you want to learn

the best practices to manage a program of any domain, type, size and complexity that may be offered to you?

Do you want to be

a globally recognized and certified program management professional: PgMP?

Are you finding

it difficult to govern projects and program?

About PgMP Certification

PMI’s Program Management Professional (PgMP)® credential recognizes the advanced experience and skill of program managers. Globally recognized and demanded, the PgMP®demonstrates your proven competency to oversee multiple, related projects and their resources to achieve strategic business goals

PgMP credential holders oversee the success of a program, grouping related projects together to realize organizational benefits not available if they were managed separately. It’s the perfect fit if you define projects, assign project managers and oversee programs

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Course Outcome & Benefits

Ability to professionally

manage mega projects, comprising number of related projects in Software, Hardware, Infrastructure and other government programs

Ability to have command

on program performance domains

Ability to align

organizational strategy with program plan

Ability to identify and analyse

program benefits in order to develop a program business case

Ability to manage

transition, deliver and sustain program benefits

Ability to identify, plan

and manage program stakeholder’s engagements

Ability to effectively

govern program

Ability to appear

for PgMP Certification with confidence

Key Features of PgMP Certification

24 Contact Hours
Approved Training

Manage Program
Professionally – E Book (PMI Reviewed)

Life time access to
PMCC Community forum

Online Access to 500+
real time question bank

Ticketed Support for subject
matter post training

Simulated full length
mock exams

Mock exam
results analysis tool

Ticketed Support for
PgMP application

Detailed Preparedness

Action based
study plan

Real time Program
Management Templates

Online PM

Tips & Tricks of
PgMP Certification

Hassle free single
source of resources

Professional Coaching to remove
fear and anxiety of exam

Mind Maps

Rewards for
Certified Participants

**Please note all the above features are not part of all packages. The features are packaged differently to suit individuals. Refer package features before registering

PgMP Certification Training Roadmap

PgMP Course Details


  • What is Program?
  • The Relationships Among Portfolio, Program and Project
  • Program Management
  • Relationships Among Portfolio Management, Program management, Project Management and Operations Management
  • Relationships Among Program Management, Operations Management and Organizational Strategy
  • Business Value
  • Role of Program manager

Program Management Performance Domains

  • Program Life Cycle Phases and Program Activities
  • Program and Project Distinctions
  • Program and Portfolio Distinctions
  • Organizational Strategy, Portfolio Management, and Program management Linkage

Program Strategy Alignment

  • Organization Strategy and Program Alignment
  • Program Roadmap
  • Environment Assessments

Organization Strategy and Program Alignment

  • Program Business case
  • Program plan

Program Benefits Management

  • Benefits Identifications
  • Benefits Analysis and lilanning
  • Benefits Delivery
  • Benefits Transition
  • Benefits Sustainment

Program Stakeholder Management

  • Program Stakeholders identification
  • Program Engagement Planning
  • Stakeholder Engagement

Program Governance

  • Program Governance Board
  • Program Governance Board Responsibilities
  • Relationships between Program Governance and Program Management
  • Common individual roles related to program governance
  • The governance of program components
  • Other governance activities

The Program Life Cycle Management

  • Program Definition Phase
  • Program Benefits Delivery Phase
  • Program Closure Phase
  • Mapping of Program Life Cycle to Program supporting Processes

Program Management Supporting processes

  • Program Communications Management
  • Program Financial Management
  • Program Integration Management
  • Program Procurement Management
  • Program Quality Management
  • Program Resource Management
  • Program Risk Management
  • Program Schedule management
  • Program Scope Management

Program Communications Management

  • Communications Planning
  • Information Distribution
  • Program performance reporting

Program Financial Management

  • Program Cost Estimation
  • Program Financial Framework
  • Program Financial Management Plan
  • Component Cost Estimation
  • Program Cost Budgeting
  • Program Financial Monitoring & Control
  • Program Financial Closure

Program Integration Management

  • Program Initiation
  • Program management Plan Development
  • Program Infrastructure Development
  • Program delivery Management
  • Program Performance Monitoring & Control
  • Program Transition & Benefits Sustainment
  • Program Closure

Program Procurement Management

  • Program Procurement Planning
  • Program procurement
  • Program procurement Administration
  • Program procurement Closure

Program Quality Management

  • Program Quality Planning
  • Program Quality Assurance
  • Program Quality Control

Program Resource Management

  • Resource Planning
  • Resource Prioritization
  • Resource Interdependency Management

Program Risk Management

  • Program Risk management Planning
  • Program Risk Identification
  • Program Risk Analysis
  • Program Risk Response Planning
  • Program Risk Monitoring and Control

Program Schedule management

  • Program Schedule Planning
  • Program schedule Control

Program Scope Management

  • Program Scope Planning
  • Program Scope Control

Register for PgMP Training

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  • 24 Contact Hours (PDU) Certificate
  • PMCC Handbook: Program Management Professionally - E Book
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  • Mock Exams
  • Subject matter support
  • PMP Application support
  • Mock exam result analysis tool
  • Rewards for Certified participants
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