Why are PMP certified managers most sought-after?

Why are PMP certified managers most sought-after?

The ultimate key to successful business operations lies with effective project management. Companies strive to achieve this by deploying well versed and skillful project managers. The Project Management Institute comes gifted for these businesses by delivering such outperforming project managers equipped and imparted with tactful project management techniques. When it comes to choosing between PMP® (Project Management Professional) certified managers and non-certified ones, companies prefer the former than the latter for a couple of good reasons; a few of those are listed below:

  1. Standard PM skillsPMP certification training program endows candidates with standard Project Management Skill such that they are competent enough to cater to demanding business scenarios in leading and managing new projects
  2. PMBOK® Principles – The certification training is structured based on Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK®) guidelines. This involves testing five various stages of project management including Initiating, Planning, Executing, Supervising and Closure which altogether grooms their mind to professional standards of project management
  3. Adaptive – Be it any industry or professional field, a PMP certified project manager can handle any of it, period. Telecom, finance, commerce, research, and what not? They are equipped enough to fit in any of these fields
  4. Client respect – without a doubt, a PMP certified project manager gains more respect from the clients as compared to others who are not certified. This will be an added advantage to companies, apart from effective functioning
  5. Strong base in Project Management – PMP certified managers hold very strong base in project management that they do not just excel in handling the ongoing projects, but are promising to man-up during in the future projects as well
  6. Rest assured of success – a well-trained and certified project manager can set you free from all bothering about success rate. They largely aid your business in uplifting its standards and achieve success
  7. Fortune 1000 companies need them too – why would a company not want a PMP certified manager when those belonging to the Fortune 1000 list mandatorily need only them?
  8. Evident of commitment–the PMP certification acquired by a manager is truly evident of the individual’s personal commitment and perseverance towards the profession for he has invested all his time and effort and travelled through the course of certification until its successful completion. Companies after all look for such dedicated and committed managers to back their business
  9. No reason for a ‘No’ – Why would a company reject a manager who is among the most prestigious and largest list of certified professionals in the world? PMI® being the global leader in Project Management adds accolades and enhances value to individuals
  10. Obviously better – clearly, one who has better exposure and expertise in the field will be preferred to others who do not hold the same level of skill

To be eligible for this PMP® certification training program, one need to hold a bachelor’s degree, 4500 hours of experience in leading & directing a project tasks / resources and 35 hours of project management training.

Heave a sigh by hiring these PMP certified managers, and sail with confidence to face any imminent turbulence or challenges in business.


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