Human Values Can Impact Project Quality

Human Values Can Impact Project Quality

What comes to your mind in general when we think of the word “Quality”?

  • Quality time

What comes to your mind when we speak about quality of time? Is it the time that you get to spend for yourself just doing nothing or on activities that are of your interest. For some it is the time they get to be together with family. Whatsoever, most of us complain about the quality of time!

  • Quality of education

Have you ever weighed your children’s school bag? I had an interesting situation with my daughter. One afternoon I went to pick my daughter from school. On the way back I asked her “How as your day baby?”. My intent was to know “What did she accomplish today?” as a responsible father. I was taken aback with the reply “You know dada I was so excited, we had a free period today!” This is the quality of education that our children experience today!

  • Quality of food

Am sure you know that all of us eat pesticide meal after meal and day after day! It is so scary to think of water contamination, pesticides in food grains and vegetables, hormone induced meat! We are evidently seeing the manifestation of all these in our lives.

  • Quality of healthcare

How many of us have been mislead by so called best of the best doctors and world class hospitals? Are we not experiencing far most concern about Quality of our healthcare? In-spite of world class medical equipment and most experienced surgeons, patients gets mislead very easily. So can we say “What really goes on in the doctor’s / surgeon’s head while they are on the job?

Quality of our body

Chronic illness was manifesting at the age of 70 and above for our grand parents. Our parents experienced diabetes and in appropriate blood pressure levels at the age of 50 and above. This generation is going through chronic illness at the age of 35 and above… If this rate continues couples will not choose to have babies as chronic illness may manifest at the time of birth. So the point is “Quality of body that we are living in”

  • Quality of Life by itself

Most of us are unhappy with the life experiences that we are going through. Our idea about life is something else which we always dream of but hardly have a chance to live that life. How many of us have told this at-least once “This is not the life that I want to live, I deserve something better”

What does your mom serve on plate?

Of Course, mom serves meal on the plate! Many say mom serve love on the plate… Don’t we? Mom of course uses right ingredients, right quality and quality of ingredients, follows the process, meets the time lines, meets quality expectations and delivers the meal on plate. The meal she serves is delicious, healthy and nutritious! But what facilities her to do this? It is the background “Love”

So can we say, What goes on in the background while we are on work directly impacts the quality of our produce?

In other words “What we are being while we are on the job directly impacts quality

That’s why I say “Human Values can greatly impact project quality”. What if we are being love / purity / honesty / service / forgiving / purposeful / merciful … other values while we are at work?

In my opinion organizations must spend effort and energy in improving process, but more importantly it should invest time in driving values in the employees. Organizations can become included to Value Driven environment by  engaging in Professional coaching services

With Intent of Greatness!

Hari Shankar PR

Corporate Coach


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